2019 Super Tour 

Taylor County Expo Center
Abilene, TX
April 13



1st 15.435 $695.00 Ashley Harvey on Wheres My Soxx FF

from Decatur, TX

2nd 15.507 $521.25 Cassidy Teague on Dashalicious FF

from ,

3rd 15.528 $347.50 Janet Staton on Chargin Ta Fame

from Bastrop, TX

4th 15.675 $173.75 Jolene Montgomery on Promise Me A Jet

from Pardon, TX

5th 15.691 Mark Bugni on JL Twisted Roc FF

from Okemah, OK

6th 15.696 Stephanie Fryar on The Red Maserati

from Waco, TX

7th 15.857 Cassidy Rabb on VF Temptations FF

from Llano, TX

8th 15.869 Casey Guess on Rock Em Shake Em FF

from Colorado City, TX

Tie 15.869 Emma Wildeisen on Dashin Ta Kill

from Wentzville, MO

10th 15.886 Kenna Kaminski on Bar B French Whiskey FF

from Bellville, TX

11th 15.982 Ryann Pedone on Coco Bongo

from Sunset, TX

12th 16.044 Brande Wipff on Moonshine Chaser FF

from Abilene, TX

13th 16.117 LaTricia Duke on BJ Nonstop Affair

from Three Rivers, TX

14th 16.147 Lessa Wahlenmaier on Confederate Firen Moon FF

from Abilene, TX

15th 16.149 Cassidy Rabb on VF Coupfulla Coins FF

from Llano, TX

16th 16.192 Judi Reed on Rockin Fayme

from Clint, TX

17th 16.252 Haley Hunt on NNN Sixums Firewater

from Alvord, TX

18th 16.279 April Gomez on A Penny For A Firewater FF

from Andrew, TX

19th 16.683 Racquel Spiller on Grannies Firewater FF

from Lookeba, OK

20th 16.749 Kim Hahn on Namgis D 72 FF

from Hempstead, TX

21st 17.296 Haley Hunt on Secretly UR Savior

from Alvord, TX

22nd 17.467 Susan Agnew on Splash Da Firewater FF

from Cresson, TX

N/T 915.476 Judi Reed on South Western Sixpack

from Clint, TX

N/T 915.615 Kylie Weast on Hell on the Red FF

from Comanche, OK

N/T 915.711 Ryann Pedone on High Speed To Heaven

from Sunset, TX


Created on  April 15, 2019