2018 Super Tour 

Taylor County Expo Center
Abilene, TX
April 14, 2018

Future Fortunes 


1D Time = 14.793
2D Time = 15.293
3D Time = 15.793
4D Time = 16.293

1D Placings

1st 14.793 Karsyn Daniels on ZZs Jetting Muffin ~ FF

from McKinney, TX

2nd 14.911 Racquel Spiller on Kiss N Bogies Gal ~ FF

from Lookeba, OK

3rd 14.978 Kelly Bruner on French Zone ~ FF

from Millsap, TX

4th 14.981 Brittiney Glass on Bart Gets Famous ~ FF

from Athen, TX

5th 14.999 Kathy Lisenbee on Perks of Grace ~ FF

from Jayton, TX

6th 15.039 Kelly Bruner on Fabulous Zone ~ FF

from Millsap, TX

7th 15.073 Susan Agnew on Jet N Ta Fame ~ FF

from Cresson, TX

8th 15.241 Kenna Kaminski on Bar B French Whiskey ~ FF

from Bellville, TX

2D Placings

1st 15.328 Emma Wildeisen on Itis What Itis Guys ~ FF

from Wentzville, MO

2nd 15.332 Kelly Allen on Miss JB 1315 ~ FF

from Stephenville, TX

3rd 15.362 Jill Petty on Tippin It Guys Way ~ FF

from Merkel, TX

4th 15.432 Shelby Oglesby on KN Fabulous Six Moon ~ FF

from Vernon, TX

5th 15.476 Chris Herrera on Shake Up N Run ~ FF

from Minco, OK

6th 15.482 Courtney Moose on Classic Ivory ~ FF

from Midland, TX

7th 15.490 Cassidy Rabb on VF Coupfulla Coins ~ FF

from Llano, TX

8th 15.507 Rita Harrison on Dakotas War Dance ~ FF

from Elgin, OK

9th 15.518 Jade Crago on Sophie So Sweet ~ FF

from Stephenville, TX

10th 15.530 Lacey Harmon on Guys Got Fire ~ FF

from Bluff Dale, TX

11th 15.533 Racquel Spiller on Miss Vita Honor ~ FF

from Lookeba, OK

12th 15.544 Rose Bonham on Bug N Up The Charts ~ FF

from Bowie, TX

13th 15.570 Colleen McCleery on Mr JB Ima Fire Water ~ FF

from May, TX

14th 15.579 Christina Easter on Special Striker ~ FF

from Sayre, OK

15th 15.586 Jade Crago on CM Bubblin Barbie ~ FF

from Stephenville, TX

16th 15.622 Kathy Lisenbee on Kis First Stoli ~ FF

from Jayton, TX

17th 15.624 Emma Wildeisen on Dashin Ta Kill ~ FF

from Wentzville, MO

18th 15.632 Martha Smith on Firewater Make Me Happy ~ FF

from Lipan, TX

19th 15.643 Carley Hill on Perksfor The Girls ~ FF

from Italy, TX

20th 15.649 Nicki Zimmerman on Prime Gold ~ FF

from Stephenville, TX

21st 15.698 Ann Robinson on Chasin Doc Bar ~ FF

from Mangum, OK

22nd 15.726 Gena Franklin on SS Tellerimfamous ~ FF

from Bridgeport, TX

23rd 15.730 Dana Richman on SV Pretty Boy Rock ~ FF

from Valley Mills, TX

24th 15.755 Angie Moore on Sheza Roxstar ~ FF

from Canyon, TX

3D Placings

1st 15.800 Jackie Ganter on Raygan ~ FF

from Abilene, TX

2nd 15.821 Malaika Tully on Stoli My Diamonds ~ FF

from Granbury, TX

3rd 15.875 Bobbi Pradon on HLH Frostedwithspeed ~ FF

from Odessa, TX

4th 15.880 Mandi Thomas on RB A Streakin ~ FF

from Springtown , TX

5th 15.898 Kyra Boling on Teninas Hayday ~ FF

from Ranger, TX

6th 15.909 Charlotte Edwards on VF Temtations ~ FF

from Santo, TX

7th 15.944 Ronda Lunsford on MP Lil Mas Hayday ~ FF

from LaPorte, TX

8th 15.947 Amye Craig on KN Fabulous Lady Luck ~ FF

from Jonesboro, TX

9th 15.977 Malissa Blackmon on Hollywood Moon Bugs ~ FF

from Odessa, TX

10th 15.981 Lisa Ogden on Pennyforafirewater ~ FF

from Gail, TX

11th 16.021 Amye Craig on KN Fabulous Stella ~ FF

from Jonesboro, TX

12th 16.024 Jackie Bouldin on Gages Indian ~ FF

from Ringgold, TX

13th 16.074 Susan Agnew on Splash Da Firewater ~ FF

from Cresson, TX

14th 16.080 Courtney Conklin on As Cool As Nick Gets ~ FF

from Jayton, TX

15th 16.170 Sissie Wherrell on DJ Sunny Skies ~ FF

from Blanchard, OK

16th 16.229 Patty McCullar on Firewatersandacjones ~ FF

from Canyon, TX

17th 16.230 Racquel Spiller on Grannies Firewater ~ FF

from Lookeba, OK

4D Placings

1st 16.363 Sissie Wherrell on Everyone Loves Abbie ~ FF

from Blanchard, OK

2nd 16.389 Jessica McKinney on Sables Carolina Moon ~ FF

from Goldsboro, TX

3rd 16.453 Martha Smith on My Epic Moment ~ FF

from Lipan, TX

4th 16.459 Tyler Huddy on Tigerleo's Money ~ FF

from Hico, TX

5th 16.534 Candie Miner on Cinch Me Up Ta Win ~ FF

from Decatur, TX

6Th 16.577 Linda Sultemeier on LS Bridgethe Gap ~ FF

from Melrose, NM

7th 16.602 Vernetta Kobza on Tangonrightpastya ~ FF

from Anadarko, OK

8th 16.619 Lessa Wahlenmaier on Burnin Streaks ~ FF

from Abilene, TX

9th 16.789 Courtney Adair on Toyn With The Guys ~ FF

from Stephenville, TX

10th 16.932 Lisa Ogden on Eyesa Stoli Dream ~ FF

from Gail, TX

11th 17.055 Kay Nerwich on Perks So Easy ~ FF

from Farmersville, TX

12th 17.112 Linda Sultemeier on LS Shalako ~ FF

from Melrose, NM

13th 17.219 Laura Nemec on Fabulous French Moon ~ FF

from Crawford, TX

14th 18.231 Kelly Hess on Laicos Roxie ~ FF

from Amarillo, TX

15th 18.919 Jo Ann Jones on Aint Seen These Eyes ~ FF

from Vidor, TX

16th 19.484 Angie Moore on Mr Perks C Boogerred ~ FF

from Canyon, TX

N/T 905.638 Katie Robinson on Frost on Driftwood ~ FF

from Elk City, OK

N/T 914.876 Whitney Godinez on Happy Howz Special ~ FF

from Dublin, TX

N/T 915.023 Martha Reeves on No Pressure On Me ~ FF

from Weatherford, TX

N/T 915.108 Savannah Hays on Perkzilla ~ FF

from Marlin, TX

N/T 915.130 Jackie Ganter on Marthas Six Shooter ~ FF

from Abilene, TX

N/T 915.205 Angela Ganter on Bogies French Bug ~ FF

from Abilene, TX

N/T 915.270 Lacey Harmon on Kiss Me Frenchman ~ FF

from Bluff Dale, TX

N/T 915.466 Bobbi Pradon on TB Rowdy Bug ~ FF

from Odessa, TX

N/T 915.566 Casey Guess on Mr Jazz Player ~ FF

from Colorado City, TX

N/T 915.726 Sissie Wherrell on Chasin Seattle Slew ~ FF

from Blanchard, OK

N/T 915.811 Lacey Harmon on OOO My Lucky Charm ~ FF

from Bluff Dale, TX

N/T 915.843 Shelby Oglesby on Hell or High Water ~ FF

from Vernon, TX

N/T 916.196 Nicki Zimmerman on StreakinNFamous ~ FF

from Stephenville, TX

N/T 916.252 Krista Wilson on KW Smooth Firewater ~ FF

from Gardendale, TX

N/T 916.281 Aimee Montgomery on Florida Fame ~ FF

from Abilene, TX

N/T 916.401 Christy Frakes on BW Lexees Last Love ~ FF

from Evant, TX

N/T 916.449 Ronda Lunsford on A Frosted Treat ~ FF

from LaPorte, TX

N/T 916.857 Bobbi Pradon on Solitary Signature ~ FF

from Odessa, TX

N/T 917.441 Lacey Harmon on Tee It Up In My Sox ~ FF

from Bluff Dale, TX

N/T 940.228 Kelly Bruner on Suzytresseis ~ FF

from Millsap, TX

Created on  April 14, 2018

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