2017 Super Tour Rules
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1.  No REFUNDS except as indicated in 12 below.

2.  DRESS CODE and HAT rule will be enforced. To enhance the image of our sport, D&D encourages and promotes appropriate western attire throughout the D&D Tour.  This includes a cowboy hat/in the interest of safety, contestants may wear an appropriate riding safety helmet, long-sleeve western shirt, long pants and cowboy boots (heels down or like type shoes are permitted).  Shirt sleeves must be rolled down (buttoned or snapped).  Shirt tails must be tucked in.  Long pants must cover the top of the boot.

Should a contestant lose their hat any time after entering the alley to compete; the contestant will be assessed a fine of $10, all collected fine money will be divided between the barrel setter and the "Phil Goostree Memorial Scholarship Fund".  Contestants MUST pay this fine in order to retrieve their hat.  In the interest of safety, contestants may wear an appropriate riding safety helmet.

This dress code will be strictly enforced.  Contestants will be assessed a fine of $25 for each violation of this dress code.

3.  Horse substitutions must be made in the Show Office before the first horse runs in each race; by filling out the proper form. NO rider substitutions allowed for any reason.

4.  NO switching of draw positions.  It is the contestant's responsibility to know their HORSES draw position.  Contestants switching draw positions on their horses will receive a NO TIME.  If a contestant runs out of turn; they will receive a NO TIME.

5.  All reruns will be the decisions of the producer.  Rerun will be on fresh drag.  Producer’s decisions are FINAL.  Any penalty from the original run will automatically carry forward to the rerun. A horse falling during run will not receive a rerun.

6.  Failure to answer three (3) gate calls will result in officials scratch.

7.  A horse may enter each race only once (exception for FAMILY RULE).  You may enter as many horses per race as you wish. The same horse may be ridden by more than one family member as long as the contestants are members of the same immediate family (husband, wife, children and grandchildren) and may not be entered on any other horse in the race.  The same horse may not be ridden more than twice during the same race

8.  Contestants will receive a no time for knocking over a barrel or breaking the pattern.

9.  LATE ENTRIES -- Late entries must be received before first horse runs in each race.  $10 per horse daily late fee will be charged; if entry not post marked by entry closing date.  The late fee will be per horse, per day and will have a maximum cap of $50. The $50 total late fee "CAP" for contestant horses for the weekend as long as all late entries are made in the show office prior to the contestant’s first run of the weekend. Late entries will have a separate draw and run after pre-entries.

10.  There will be a $25 one time Processing Fee per contestant for entire event. The Processing Fee will be non-refundable should the contestant withdraw from the race for any reason.

11.  DOCTOR/VET OUT RULE – Should a contestant need to vet out or doctor release out of a show, you must fill out the appropriate form before the first horse runs of that race to do so. You will receive your entry fees and late fees only. The Processing Fee will not be refunded.

12. You will no longer be required to present a valid vet release or doctor’s release in order to qualify for this refund; however, you must notify the show office before the first horse runs in each race to be released from.  At that time your entry will be shown as a scratch and the entry fee will be deducted from the payout for that race.  Your refund check will be ready by the end of that race.  We appreciate our contestants and hopefully this is one way we can show our appreciation and benefit both of us.             
*It is our hopes that this change will encourage our contestants that have not been able to pre-enter our shows for that reason.*

13.  MAIN RACE PAYOUT & FORMAT:  5-D format (1/2 second split between divisions), with 75% payback, added money split equally between Divisions.  Each Main race is separate.  If all places in a division are not filled, unpaid moneys will be divided proportionately between all divisions.

14.  INCENTIVE RACES PAYOUT & FORMAT Incentive Races are races within the Main Barrel Races.  You make one run per race and that run/time carries over from the Main Barrel Races to the Rider's Incentive Race.  Incentive Race Results will be determined after Main Race results and office work is completed daily. Incentive Races will be a 4-D format (1/2, 1/2, whole split between divisions), with 75% payback.   Each race is separate.  If all places in a division are not filled, the unpaid moneys will be divided proportionately between all divisions.

INCENTIVE RACES CLASS AGES Adult Incentive: ages 18 – 54 ~ Senior Incentive: ages 55+ as of January 1st ~ Youth Incentive: 17 as of January 1st

16. NEW for 2017 KoolSpeed WEEKEND WARRIOR SIDEPOT ~

  • FORMAT:  Fastest time of the three (3) races sets the pace for the WEEKEND WARRIOR SIDEPOT 5-D format (1/2 second split between divisions), with 80% payback, $200 added money split equally between Divisions.

  • $30 entry fee per Rider and Horse combo.

  • Times for Rider and Horse combo ran in Main race carry over to the Weekend Warrior Side pot. Three (3) carryovers if you run all three main races, two (2) if you only run two main races and ONLY one (1) carryover if you only run one of the main races.

  • If all places in a division are not filled, unpaid moneys will be divided proportionately between all divisions.

17.  All contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.  No level of abuse toward any animal at this event will be allowed.  Foul language, misconduct or abusive comments spoken to any Contestant, Spectator, Staff Member or Arena Personnel will result in immediate contestant disqualification and no refund of entry fees.  Contestants are also responsible for traveling companions and their family members.

18.  All late entries paid in cash or credit card (where available). No exceptions.

19.  All horses must be placed in stall belonging to the arena if staying on the grounds overnight.  Only one horse per stall.  NO PORTABLE PENS OR TIE OUTS ALLOWED.

20.  D&D Barrel Productions reserve the right to refuse any entry.

21.  A $45.00 return check fee plus bank fees charged on all returned checks.

22. Any checks not picked up in the office at the show will be mailed. Should the check get lost in the mail; we will look to the contestant for any bank charges to place a stop payment on any lost check. Should there be a need to reissue a check; (lost in the mail because of incorrect address on the entry form, washed, etc.); we will deduct the stop payment bank charges from the reissued check.

2017 Super Tour  ~MOST CONSISTENT~  Award Rules

1.  In order to be eligible for "The Most Consistent Horse Award", a horse/rider combo has to enter all 3 races in a weekend at a D&D Barrel Production event and have 3 clean runs (a no-time makes you ineligible).  Award will be presented at the end of the 3rd day.  Winner must be present.  If a called winner is not present, the next place winner will be announced.  This will be done until the winner is present and claim their award.  The award for most consistent will be a Certificate for entry fees and Processing Fee for one horse at a future race in 2017.  Value of the certificate will be $155.

2.  "The Most Consistent Horse Award" is calculated by taking the positive differences (absolute value) between run #1 and run #2, between run #2 and run #3 and between run #1 and run #3.  The 3 differences are then added together to get your time difference for the weekend.  See Examples below for more details.

Race Example:   (Rider B with Horse C is the most consistent winner)


Race #1

Race #2

Race #3





Rider A / Horse A








Rider A / Horse B








Rider B / Horse C








Race Example:   (Actual data from 2005 D&D Race)




Race 1

Race 2

Race 3


Jennifer Harden

Duncan, OK






Janette Davis

Elk City, OK

Buckle Bunnie Elsa





Cindy Easter

Cache, OK






2017 Super Tour  ~EXHIBITION and OPEN Arena~ Rules

1.  OPEN Arena from 9 a.m. through 11 a.m.

2.   Exhibition tickets will be sold in the office for 1 hour increments
(11 a.m. – 12 p.m.)(12 p.m.-1 p.m.)(1 p.m. – 2 p.m.)(2 p.m. – 3 p.m.)(3 p.m. – 4 p.m.)                                   --->   beginning at 9 a.m.   <---

3.  NO Pre-entry Exhibitions; tickets will go on sale at 9 a.m. on Friday.

4.  Riders will be limited to a purchase of 8 tickets.

5.  60 second time limit on each exhibition with a $10 for going over 60 seconds.

6.  Pop Up Barrels.

7.  Turn your ticket in at the gate before you run.

2017 Super Tour Year End Award Rules

1.  Yearend standings are calculated on total money won in Open 5D races; by division, through Race 2 of the final show of the 2017 D&D Show Season.

2.  Contestant can only win one year end award. This will be determined by highest placing of contestant.

3.  Yearend standings will be posted on the D&D Barrel Productions web pages and at D&D Shows.

4.  No membership or additional fee required to be eligible for awards.

5.  Must enter a minimum of different 3 shows, (i.e.; Waco, Abilene, & Graham) to qualify for yearend awards.

6. Awards will be given through the third (3rd) place per division. (New Yearend Awards 2017).

NO Awards will be shipped; if you are unable to be present,
you will need to have someone available at the race to pick your award up.


2017 BRANSON Tractor Rules

1.  Any contestant winning a check at any of the 2017 D&D Barrel Production races, through Race 2 of the final show of the 2017 D&D Show Season will have up to 3 chances put into the first drawing.

2.  Thirty (30) names will be drawn from this pot and announced during Race 3 (Sunday) the last race of the 2017 D&D Show Season.

3.  The drawing will be done at the conclusion of Race 3 of the finals for the Branson tractor use.

4.  Contestant MUST BE PRESENT to win.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call

(940)538-4327 (office)
(940)631-7000 (mobile)


December 21, 2016