2017 Super Tour

Doctor/Vet Out Rule
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You will be allowed to Doctor release or Vet Out of a show until the first horse runs each day. You will receive all of your entry fees and any late fees; with the exception of the processing fee. The Processing Fee will not be refunded.

We realize that things can happen; that cannot be avoided and rather than penalize contestants for pre-entering our show, hopefully this will encourage contestants to pre-enter without fear of losing their entry fee. You will no longer be required to present a doctor or vet release to qualify for this refund; however, contestants must VERBALLY (NO TEXT or EMAILS or SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGING) speak with Chuck or someone in the show office (filling out the proper form) prior to the first horse running of each race that you need to be released from. At that time your entry will be shown as a scratch and the fees will be deducted from the payout for that race. Your refund check will be processed as soon as the office staff can.

We are hopefully this is one way we can show our appreciation of our contestants and benefit both of us. This is also more cost effective to the contestants; saving on late fees.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call