D & D 2017 Super Tour
Kid's CA$H Race Rules
$15 entry fee
immediately after
Main Races 2 & 3
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  1. Contestant must be the age of 12 or under as of January 1st of the competition year.

  2. Contestants CAN NOT be entered in the main race, nor be competitive in the main race (can win a check in the Open 5D).

  3. If a contestant runs a time that is competitive in the open during a kids cash race (can win a check in the Open 5D), the contestant and their family will receive a verbal warning to change to the open for the following race, if this is not complied with, then a disqualification will occur and no refunds will be granted (if said run is made in kids cash race 1 and child is entered in kids cash race 2).

  4. If a child starts to become competitive in the open mid-year and has to change to the open, but has three races in the kids cash, then they will be awarded their kids cash awards as long as they are not in the open or any incentive standings as well (they cannot “double dip” on awards).

  5. This class is designed for children who are learning and/or are not competitive enough to run in the open.

  6. NO processing fee

  7. NO Late Fees.

  8.  Each race is separate 1D Jackpot.

  9. MONEYS PAID BACK to qualifying (Hit barrels or broken patterns are not qualified runs).
         Any payout money not picked up at the show will go into the
         yearend awards money.

 10.   A $15 entry fee (per horse) paid in cash at the race, no exceptions. 
                NO pre-entries.  $5 of the entry fee goes towards yearend awards.

 11.  Contestant must provide their date of birth and parent or guardian signature required
                on entry form in order to enter races.

 12.  Entries will be taken at the show up until the last big drag in the main race.

 13.  No REFUNDS after race starts.

 14.   Races will be immediately after the main races (Race2 and Race 3).

 15.   Dress Code and Hat rule will be enforced.

 16.   Contestants will receive a no time for knocking over a barrel or breaking the pattern.

 17.   No switching of draw positions.

 18.   Failure to answer 3 gate calls will result in an Official scratch.

 19. All contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship
            at all times.  No level of abuse toward any animal at this event will be allowed.  Foul
            language, misconduct or abusive comments spoken to any Contestant, Spectator,
            Staff Member or Arena Personnel will result in immediate contestant
            disqualification and no refund of entry fees.
            Contestants are also responsible for traveling companions and their family

 20.   A horse may enter each race only once (exception for family rule).

 21.   All horses must be placed in a stall belonging to the arena if staying on the grounds
               overnight.  Only one horse per stall.  NO PORTABLE pens or tie outs.

 22.   All reruns will be the decisions of the Arena Director.  Rerun will be on fresh
               drag.  Arena Directors decisions are FINAL.  A horse falling during a run will
               not receive a rerun.

 23.   D&D reserves the right to refuse any entry.


  ->  Must enter at least 3 races prior to the finals at Duncan to be qualified.

  ->  Contestants must be present to receive awards.

  ->  We will award prizes based on the amount of sponsors and donors that we
         have for the current competition year.

  ->  The Awards will be calculated by number of races attended throughout the
        year.  All qualified contestants will receive Year-End Awards.

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